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Last annual congress


At ADP (Germany) last annual congress, on May 28, the "2013 Star" price was granted to ANDREAS STIHL AG &Co to reward the exemplarity of its Financial Participation governance and practices with 76% of employees "participating".

NCEO (National Center for Employee Ownership / USA) sales its "ESOP COMMITTEE GUIDE33. The definitive guide to creating, developing, and maintaining a successful ESOP committee, with information on everything from determining the mission of the committee to ensuring its continued effectiveness in the face of difficulties. See  : NCEO.

The final Conference of the S-DEED Project (a project financially supported by the European Commission) took place in San Sebastien (Spain) on the 11 & 12 April 2013. IAFP, a Partner in this Project, was represented by Jean-Michel Content, its Secretary General. All documents related to this Conference, which was attended by more than hundred people, will be available at :

The International Association for Financial Participation sent three delegates to the 24th Conference of the ESOP Centre, held in Paris on the 21st and 22nd June 2012. David Hildebrandt, its past President, delivered a presentation on “Global Fiduciary Best Practices on Plan Administration”. Jean-Michel Content, its present Secretary General, spoke about the French Employee Financial Participation, and its next steps.

Raymond Allouf, IAFP‘s former Secretary General, has been awarded the prestigious Rémy Schlumberger Award just as Malcolm Hurlston, President and Founder of the ESOP Centre. This award, created in 2000, is granted to an individual, company or government enterprise, which performed extraordinary service to the principles of financial participation, education and share ownership by employees. The award was granted only six times since its creation.

Besides, IAFP goes on with participating to new European Projects, as a partner of DIESIS which submitted two new proposals to the European Commission. Both were successful and the Kick-off meeting took place in October in Brussels. The first project intends to investigate the role of social partners in planning local development in a logic of economic democracy. The second relates to the European Co-operative Societies. Both are in the framework of the PROEFP Project which started a little more than one year ago, following the publication of the Own-initiative Opinion Soc 371 by the European Economic and Social Committee on employee financial participation in Europe.

IAFP is a member of the PROEFP network.