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The International Association for Financial Participation (IAFP) is a non-profit association which promotes wider employee financial participation and share ownership in an employer's business, through support and information sharing among national associations, employers and interested academics.

The association has active members in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, and invites inquires from interested parties worldwide. Founded by a generous endowment in 1987 by French Banker, Remy Schlumberger, with support from organizations in France, the UK end the US, IAFP welcomes new members witch share in IAFP's goals and objectives as follows:

Promote networking and sharing of best practices among member country associations and employers worldwide.

Making available information and data from different countries on national laws and regulations of share programs, statistical data, case studies, news and trends.

Assist in the organization of new country associations to promote share program sponsorship across borders.

Encourage the development of national laws to the sponsorship of share programs.

In order to accomplish these goals IAFP maintains an information centre at its Paris headquarters and exchanges information among its local national association members. It sponsors conferences and seminars in support of share programs and makes available its experts for consultation with national and international organizations, seeking information on share programs. IAFP publishes an information directory containing data on local laws and regulations, listings of local service providers and associations in major countries. Finally, IAFP offers financial support for major academic research studies on topics which relate to the benefits of share participation programs.

Regular membership meetings are held to further the above objectives of the association, which is managed by an Executive Committee supported by a Secretary General and a staff located in Paris.